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Hi, my name is Olga. I'm a professional photographer, web-designer, MUA, advanced photoshop expert and mother of 3 beautiful kids

     Photography has always been my passion since I was 20 years old. Studying at the University I've met amazing photographer from Paris and worked with him for two years as a photographer assistant and makeup artist. 
     My next job was at the Film Studio where I learned all the Photography basis and Photoshop editing. Since that time the camera was always with me.

     For me, photography is a fool time job. It's an art, and every day I learn new techniques and find new inspiration.

  • I only use professional equipment

  • I prefer Cannon mirrorless camera

  • My favorite lenses are EF 135mm 2/0 (with adapter) and RF 85mm 1/2

  • I shoot RAW

  • I love natural light, but I can use additional light to add more magic to my photos

  • I believe that photoshop makes 50% of success in the result of your photo session

  • I love kids of all ages and working with them

  • With my photos I can show that every person is beautiful, sometimes you just need to find the right angle, light and catch the right emotion

  • I invest a lot in learning from best photographers from all over the world, I'm a forever student of Udemy platform and a member of Summerana Academy.

  • I do a lot of handmade decorations and sew toys and dresses for my photo sessions


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