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How to prepare for the photo session

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I would be happy to capture happy moments of your life and create pleasant memories.

Of course, the professionalism of the photographer plays a huge role in the desired result of the photo session. But the participants of the process can also influence the result.

Rule #1

The most important thing during the photo session is your MOOD. It will be visible in every shoot. It’s very important that every participant comes to the photo session in a good mood. Try not to plan too many activities for the day, relax, sleep well and be happy. It’s a very pleasant experience and you will feel it. Leave early, do not rush and do not be nervous

During family photo session we usually start with portrait of entire family shots and then let kids play. The photographer captures their emotions and kids enjoy the process. We have a lot of activities for them, so they won’t be bored.

Photo Session with kids

If for any reason kids are not doing what you expect, please don’t worry, and try not to be strict with them. It would only lead to sad faces, and they’ll refuse to continue.

For their motivation you can always promise them something nice and pleasant after the photoshoot if they behave well. You can always bring snacks and their favorite toys with you. And believe me, photographers are also animators, so I have lots of secret tricks how to make them happy during the process.

How to choose the right outfit

Your outfit should be in harmony with the place in which the photo session is taking place, and it can also match the season.

If we have photo session in the city, I recommend choosing everyday look. In the park or at the beach it’s better to wear “village” outfit, simple and light – linen dresses, dresses made from natural fabric. For men – simple comfortable, solid color clothing.


Depending on the season you can prefer certain colors in clothing:

Summer: peach, beige, light brown, dusty rose, yellow (not bright), gray, blue, jeans

Fall: beige, all shades of brown, gray, red (not bright), orange, burgundy, cream, light green

Winter: beige, light blue, blue, gray-blue, gray, cream, dusty rose, nude.

Spring: purple, peach, blue, plum, brown, gray, dusty rose, beige, marsh.

It is better to choose listed colors in pastel, dusty shades, so they should remind us of nature (blue as the color of water, burgundy as the bark of a tree, blue as the sky, brown as tree trunks, etc.)

In the city, especially during night photo session, we can experiment with more bright colors. But I always advice to avoid black and white as they look very “active” on the photo, taking away attention from the model.

Try to avoid clothes with large prints or inscriptions, as well as too colorful, shiny and flashy outfits for shooting. The more laconic the clothes, the better they look at photos without distracting attention from the models. Feminine dresses, skirts, blouses are always suitable for girls.

Natural fabrics look much better in photos than synthetics. Textured, knitted fabrics look good.

No more than 3-4 colors in clothing for all family members in a family photo shoot.

Accessories should be chosen very carefully so that they do not distract attention from the model. It is better to discuss your looks with the photographer in advance.

It is important that the shoes match the style and color of your clothes. Do not wear extremely high heels. Kids fit properly color-matched booties, sandals or shoes.

It is important for babies in diapers to wear shorts to keep things nice.

Pregnant ladies look great in long dresses.

Best hours for the photo session and what to do if the weather is not friendly

I shoot, with rare exceptions, 2 hours before sunset or early in the morning, during the 2 hours after sunrise. These hours provide us with best result, even shadows and nice look.

The weather can make some adjustments to our plans, but

- we don't necessarily need to have sunshine. If it's cloudy, we can start shooting an hour earlier

- if it's drizzling and you don't mind, we can do it.

- If it's just rained, the pictures would be beautiful.

- The only thing that can stop us is heavy rain and a thunderstorm. Then we'll arrange to reschedule for the next available day.

These recommendations will help you in preparing for the photo shoot, but it is very important to talk to the photographer beforehand about the photography style and what you want to be wearing. You can also send me pictures of what you like and want to repeat.

Together we can achieve the best results.

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